Packaging for Candles - How to Package Your Candles Like a Pro.

Packaging for Candles - How to Package Your Candles Like a Pro.

Candles are meant to bring serenity and tranquility to your customers, so why not make the chore of packaging them as stress-free as possible? Candles can be an integral part of home décor or add a touch of luxury to the home itself. Packaging is a great method to make your products stand out without breaking the bank.

Check out our expert packaging advice for such incredibly giftable items.

Select Durable Packaging
It is critical to select the appropriate packaging when delivering your items, regardless of what they are, but especially for candles. A heavy-duty corrugated box is appropriate if your candles are made of glass. For smaller candles, use a strong bubble mailer. 

Protect Against Melting
When transporting candles, high temperatures are not your friend. High heat may cause your pillars and votives to deform or completely melt. Some e-commerce businesses may freeze candles before shipment, unknowingly causing more harm – as freezing can cause the wax to fracture. Stearic acid is commonly used in candles to raise the melting point, which increases longevity. The type of stearic acid to use depends on whether you're using paraffin or a soy wax candle. You can use regular stearic acid for the former, and palm stearic acid for the latter.

Cushion Your Candles 
The vast majority of candles come in glass or tin canisters. These materials provide a protective layer for the candle, but you may want to add additional padding. Use cardboard or foam inserts in an appropriately sized box to keep the candle from sliding around during shipping - too much movement can shatter the wax, break the glass, or damage the tin.

5P's of marketing, the secret to running a business in 2022 

Are you familiar with the 5 P of the marketing mix?

5P's of Marketing
5P's of Marketing

Product, Packaging, Promotion, Place and Price.

Yes! People's perceptions about your goods are now heavily influenced by their packaging. Product packaging should not be an afterthought if you are running a business in 2022.

In this digital age, where individuals have incredibly short attention spans, it is understandable that they may dismiss advertisements and sales pitches, but your product itself must not be neglected.

Not to mention the fact that your product must stand out on the shelf and in displays to entice buyers to add it to their shopping basket. This is how buyer's journey is evolving, where they pick the product from the shelf by themself or add it to their cart online. Your packaging tells a lot about your product therefore to give the greatest packaging solution we strive to provide our clients with a wide range of customization options as well as top quality to ensure that you don't have to forfeit anything.

Let's understand more about the 5Ps and their importance in modern business

1). Product

Any item that fulfills a customer's demands, requirements, or preferences is referred to as a product. It's critical for businesses to figure out which components of their products impact customer experience and hence purchasing choices. The product's distinctive brand value and different benefits, which must be tailored to a certain consumer group, must be simply comprehended.

5P's of Marketing Product
5P's of Marketing - Product

2). Packaging

The most significant part of your marketing mix is your packaging. Because packaging is both a stand-alone component of today's marketing mix and has a significant impact on the other four Ps, it's critical to think about your product packaging as part of your entire marketing plan. Packaging acts as a blank canvas for companies to express not just what makes a product unique, but also the brand's overall story. Using packaging in a marketing campaign can help your products attract and get reach to an even wider base of customers.

Pack Pack Packaging Partner USA
5P's of Marketing - Packaging (PackPackUSA, Your Packaging Partner)

3). Promotion

How you advertise your goods is referred to as promotion. Promotional activities are those that increase customer awareness of a company. Sponsorships, advertising, and public relations initiatives are all included. Promotion is the link between income and every tactic you employ to promote your goods. Everything comes in the promotion: inbound marketing, direct sales, and PPC Ads. The customer journey map aids companies in identifying consumer motivations, critical events, and possible points of friction during the buyer's journey.   Placement and promotion are intertwined, and there are some similarities with what we've previously studied.  

5P's of Marketing - Promotion
5P's of Marketing - Promotion

4). Place

The physical locations where your products are offered, as well as the areas where customers have better access to the stuff you sell, are referred to as place. It's crucial to think about how accessible your product is and how easy it is for clients to locate you. When a store uses colour to represent a product's contents or nutritional features, it might lead to it being placed next to other products with comparable packaging. Customers must be able to get the product or service at the right time, at the right place, and in the correct amount.

5P's of Marketing - Placement
5P's of Marketing - Placement

5). Price

One of the most important factors in a customer's decision is price. The pricing strategy for products and services, as well as how it will effect customers, is referred to as price. Discounts, payment options, credit terms, and any price-matching services given are all considered when making pricing selections. As a result, a marketing plan requires you to price your goods effectively, taking into account not just what your buyers can afford, but also what your rivals are charging.

5P's of Marketing - Price
5P's of Marketing - Price

Common packaging mistakes that you should avoid

It is never too late to avoid common packaging mistakes. 

Packaging your product is one of the main pillars for building a strong brand.

Consider the packaging of your product as a touchpoint where your potential customers get to know about you before actually buying your product.

Listed below are the few points that you need to check before finalizing your packaging design and avoid those mistakes: 

1). Dimensions of product and packaging

Make sure that your packaging dimensions are adequate for the product you are packaging. If it is too large, it will result in you being overcharged for logistics and fulfillment. If it is too small, the packaging can harm / damage your product. 

2). Alignment with Brand Identity

The type of packaging must resonate with the story of the brand. Everyone should be able to tell the type of product just by looking at the packaging itself. Once you check this point, you can see how it influences the buying decisions of target customers.

[Also read How to build a strong Brand Identity?]

3). Choose the right packaging partner

There are a lot of steps required in deciding the right packaging, which includes selecting the right packaging type, materials, and finishing that bring the most out of your packaging. 

Having an experienced packaging partner that can assist you at every step mentioned above is a must.

In order to make your packaging memorable, you should consider being in the loop at every stage and consult with the experts who provide you with the best solutions.

Avoid packaging mistakes with PackPack
Avoid packaging mistakes with PackPack

Our team works together to make sure that you do not need to worry about your packaging needs so that you can focus more on growing your business instead of going through the hassle of packaging your products. Feel free to contact us by filling out the form below:

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Get custom packaging in the USA

Are you looking for a packaging partner in the US?

We have got you covered! We provide all types of custom packaging solutions. Consider us as a one-stop solution for all your packaging needs.

Looking for product packaging companies is one of the most crucial aspects of running a business. We work with you as a Packaging Partner rather than a service provider. We strongly believe that our growth is directly proportional to our client's growth, therefore, we are available at every stage from Ideation, packaging design, picking the right material for your product packaging to a final manufactured solution.

Our consultants are available to assist you with every step mentioned below.

List of the services we provide are:

1). Custom Boxes:

Choose from a wide variety of custom mailer boxes, product boxes, shipping boxes, custom-sized boxes, custom packaging boxes, custom printed corrugated boxes and all types of box solutions that you can think of.

2). Custom Pouches

We provide a range of paper pouches, stand-up foil pouches, digital printed pouches, 3 side sealed bags, stand up with bottom gusset with/without zippers, backside sealed bags, side gusset pouches, flat bottom zipper pouches, special shape bags, roll films, spout bags.

3). Custom Tubes

Get custom paper tubes for your products that drive the attention on the shelf. Our tubes are eco-friendly, moisture resistant and made for food-grade quality.

4). Custom Labels

Labels are a fast and easy way to provide information about your product. Our label solutions come with durable material and are scratch-resistant. We provide Bopp labels, paper labels, sticker labels, custom stickers die cut roll labels, blank rolls, custom product labels, clear roll labels and a variety of custom labels with custom label size and label material.

Labels Printing
Custom Labels Printing

5). Custom Shrink Sleeves

Shrink sleeves are a convenient full packaging solution and can also be used as a temper seal as well. Shrink sleeves do not have adhesive and are applied by heat or steam onto the container. At the end of the application, the shrink sleeve will take the form of the container and will create that eye-catching appearance for your product.

Quality Shrink Sleeves
Custom Shrink Sleeves

We also provide a wide range of custom sachets, custom containers, blister packs and displays.

Reason why you should partner with us:

We check all the competitive advantages when it comes to custom packaging companies in the USA

How to build a strong Brand Identity?

Hey there! 

We have found a serious correlation between Packaging Design and Brand Identity.

To attract the attention of your target customers, packaging must have a captivating design and shelf appeal.

Here are some quick tips that will help you build a strong brand Identity:

1). Consistency 

Keep your brand consistent at every touchpoint. The typography, color and vibe of the brand should be the same across all the channels be it digital presence or physical product.

2). Simplicity
In this digital era where attention span is very short, it is smart to only provide the points that make an impact on buying decisions directly. 

3). Relevancy 
Keep the design language relevant to your vision and mission, trends come and go but your brand is here to stay. Think about the bigger picture.

4). Empathy
Customers are the heart of any business so try to empathize with them as much as you can. Take a moment and try to get their feedback, let them know about the fact that they matter!

Our team thrives to provide the best packaging solutions for businesses like yours.

Feel free to contact us regarding all your packaging needs/concerns 

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