Using Varnish To Give Your Products A High-End Look: benefits and applications

Packaging is the first impression of any product. It has an immense impact on how the customer perceives the product. Good packaging makes the product look appealing and presentable, whereas poor packaging makes it unappealing. Varnish finish packaging enhances the appeal of a product. It has a high impact on quality perception as well as the material qualities of the product.

A varnish finish can add a glossy shine to your boxes, pouches, or sachets. It also protects the ink from smudging and adds a pleasant sheen to even the dullest color.

Varnish improves the quality of a product by making it appear more substantial. Varnish finishes help preserve the color, odors, and appearance of a product as well as glue it together well. You can enhance the feel of your product by printing with raised areas.

We mainly focus on Matte Varnish and Gloss Varnish. As they are economical and user-friendly options.

Gloss varnish is a highly reflective, clear coat finish that gives the surface a glossy appearance. Gloss can be applied to selected areas, such as the print and logo for a high impact. It creates and enhances the contrast between colors while adding depth and detail to the color. The selected text appeals more to the naked eye.

Gloss varnish has a rich, high-end look that’s perfect for items that need to stand out in shipping containers or retail environments. Its soft appearance creates an aura of luxury, which lends itself to products like perfume, cosmetics, fashion accessories, and more.

Featuring the highest quality gloss, our innovative service will make your product shine.

Matte on the other hand adds a sophisticated sheen to the packaging product. It will make your design more subtle and soft, which is usually achieved using a matte laminate instead of a glossy one.

A glossy finish is good for packages that you want people to notice, but a matte finish is better for packages that you want people to pay attention to.

Varnishes come in many finishes, from transparent to high gloss. Yet there isn’t just one right way to apply it or just one right way to use it. We at Pack Pack USA try our best to help you out with your packaging needs with our extremely talented team. From consultation to design and production of boxes our team strives to provide the perfect solution that fits your needs.

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